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Monday, December 30, 2013

Hi Friends! It may be the result of my Christmas-spending "hangover," but I am more appreciative than ever for all of the wonderful free items on TPT and my favorite blogs! In the spirit of sharing the joy of "FREE," I am offering my new product on TPT for FREE for the first 48 hours as a special "thank you" to my blog and TPT store followers.

This 4th grade geometry activity incorporates the fun of "Hidden Picture" puzzles while challenging students to think critically and creatively about lines, angles, and shapes.

After designing an original house using specific geometric elements, students explore their classmates' designs searching for "hidden pictures" (ie: geometric elements). Students get a double dose of identifying and classifying shapes , angles, and lines while having FUN learning! An analytic rubric with detailed descriptors is provided to support student success with clear expectations.


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